The home workplace – a part of the office

About the home workplace

Working from home has taken on a new meaning. No longer something that a few have the opportunity to do from time to time, the circumstances have made both employers and employees realise the full benefits. Today, no one needs to look particularly far into the future to realise that working from home is here to stay. What remains now is to furnish the home office.

Design and functionality for the home

Our furniture dares to challenge and innovate. It is about flexible and sustainable designs for the sustainable human being.

Our products

For sustainable organisations

New opportunities arose when much of society suddenly shut down. For example working from home. Working from home is proving to be equally advantageous for employers as for employees.

For employers


The ability to work standing up and to reduce sedentary behaviour is just as important at home as in the office. When we work from home, we also lose the daily walk or bike ride to/from work and many other ordinary everyday movements also disappear. But, with an active workplace, even at home, we feel better, perform better and prevent injuries.


Stand up

Stand up and work

Height-adjustable desks, easy to position without power supply. We also have smart products for active standing.

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Sit more actively

Balance balls for active sitting and better posture. Made from durable materials with stylish details.

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Appropriate lighting

Lighting designed for your well-being. Individually adjustable desk lights with a long service life.

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”The special circumstances resulting from COVID-19 have also brought about something positive. More home working has contributed to increased well-being on the part of employers and employees, as it brings the opportunity for more flexible working and responsibility and a chance to think and act in more agile ways.”
Camilla Elvljung, CEO Matting